FASTechnologies printed circuit board drilling and routingFASTechnologies printed circuit board drilling and routing

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First Article Elimination Systems
Field-proven Software Drill And Rout Test Panels

Plotted drill and rout FA's save time and money!
Sign off CAM jobs in minutes instead of hours with accurate, reliable drill and rout first article plots. Plot your drill and rout first articles in minutes instead of wasting valuable machine time.

    With FA/Plot, you get:
  • Fast signoffs. Jobs never wait for a drilling or routing machine.
  • More drill and rout capacity. Most shops spend 10% of their time on test panels.
  • Quicker CAM corrections. Errors are much easier to diagnose on our plots than on machined panels.
    Drilled and routed test panels are:
  • Expensive: It costs an average of $85 to drill or rout a test panel.
  • Wasteful: The test panels are usually discarded as waste.
  • Slow: In addition to drill and rout runtime, jobs must wait for available machine time.
  • Limited: Bad test panels often do not reveal the exact causes of problems.

As early as 1992, several FASTechnologies customers asked us to develop a comprehensive "first article plot" package. Perfecting this system required several years of field experience and testing. Today, the FASTechnologies FA/Plot package provides a complete solution for eliminating drilled and routed test panels.

    FA/Plot plotted test panels:
  • Save money: FA/Plot saves an average of $130 per job tooled.
  • Save time: Test plots are made in a few minutes.
  • Ease troubleshooting: Special marks make it easy to trace problems back to their causes.

View your test plots using Navigator or Explorer.
If you'd like to have a really close look at a sample test plot right now, you can use a Whip! viewer. This is a free ActiveX applet from AutoDesk, and it plugs right in to your Netscape Navigator or Internet Exporer. Many FASTechnologies products output the "DWF" (Drawing Web Format) files used by Whip.

Once you've installed Whip!, you may view a sample FA/Plot test panel by clicking here.

For a complete description of the FA/Plot package, contact FASTechnologies directly. We have sample plots, a "guaranteed success" trial program, and numerous satisfied customer references. Contact FASTechnologies now, and start saving time and money today!

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