FASTechnologies printed circuit board drilling and routingFASTechnologies printed circuit board drilling and routing

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SmartParts Drill Automation Tools
The Shop-Wide-Web puts your shop data on-line

It's amazing how useful it can be to imediately answer any question about any drill or rout program in the company. Click the link to the left to see it for yourself.

Dynamic zoom and pan in your web browser
One amazing capability of the Shop-Wide-Web is that it lets you zoom and pan on your drill or rout files, to inspect them just as if you were sitting at a CAM workstation. This works in any web browser running under Windows! The trick is a special free plug-in from the people at AutoDesk, called Whip.

Click on any hole or cut to inspect it
With the Shop-Wide-Web, you can immediately learn any detail of any drill hole in any panel, just by clicking on the hole in your web browser. You'll get a report of the X:Y coordinate, hole diameter, tool number, and how many hits into the panel it was. This can be a real time-saver, especially during re-work when a tool has been broken.

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